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About Me


      I will first like to thank you for your interest in my photography. I humbly welcome you into my world of photography and design, which are all a representation of who I am.


       I am an artist at heart who acknowledges the aesthetics of the universe whether be it  man made or natural. I have practiced, painting, abstract art, architecture and software Design as my formal education. For over 20 years of my life I have developed the desire of being able to see beyond the ordinary or in other words see the beauty out of any scenario possible no matter the situation. I believe that being able to artistically have an eye to see the end result out of nothing is a very vital creative  quality for any artist. This is what I stand for in my approach to anything in life and one major example is having faith.


       Six years of a Bachelor's in architecture made me the multidisciplinary artist that I am today and thus propelling my desire in photography as my calling. My photography and art reflects my artistic nature and how I see the world in my own eyes through my experience as an individual and an artist.


       I'm married to the most beautiful soul on this earth who is a strong force of support behind my vision. I like to say "behind every successful man is his supportive woman".


       My Vision is not only to build a business in photography and design but to create a legacy that can be passed on to my children and a movement that will create a major positive impact into the lives of others. My desire is to show people the beauty they never knew within them. It is my greatest hope that you trust me to show you your beauty in a different dimension.


-Jeffery Kevin Osei-Yaw






Tel: 404-988-6294

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